Bad Christmas Movies: A Critical Analysis (2023)

The holiday season invariably summons a wave of cinematic indulgence, flooding streaming platforms with an array of Christmas movies. While the classics hold their allure, there's an oddly satisfying niche in embracing the unequivocally 'bad' films that grace our screens. We've curated a selection that, despite their flaws, manages to entertain while offering a unique lens into the season’s spirit.

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer:

This nostalgic gem, inspired by the famed holiday song, carved its place in the hearts of many despite its lackluster animation and plot execution. The tale revolves around Jake and Daphne’s familial squabbles, a dubious cousin's fruitcake treachery, and an improbable vehicular incident involving Grandma and Santa. While the storytelling falters and the animation is subpar, it’s the absurdity that makes it strangely endearing.

Falling for Christmas:

Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet's unlikely pairing in this amnesia-ridden narrative sets the stage for an intriguing yet clichéd rollercoaster. Sierra's memory loss after a ski accident introduces her to Jake, an inn owner hanging on by a thread. Despite its predictability, the film navigates the trope-laden plot with an unexpected charm, making it a surprisingly watchable addition to the festive lineup.

Christmas Made To Order:

In a crossover featuring Jonathan Bennett and Alexa PenaVega, this Hallmark tale introduces Steven, an architect seeking help from a 'holiday coordinator,' Gretchen. The clash of personalities leads to predictable yet oddly enjoyable dynamics, albeit with evident flaws that paradoxically add to its charm.


Disney's rendition of the Claus legacy, starring Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader, offers a refreshing twist on the Santa narrative. As Noelle embarks on a quest to retrieve her missing brother, the movie navigates a whimsical journey filled with unexpected encounters and, admittedly, some inevitable clichés. Despite its occasional tackiness, the film presents an engaging take on the festive theme.

Christmas Inheritance:

Eliza Taylor's portrayal of Ellen Langford, sent on a quest to a small town incognito, offers an intriguing premise. Encountering Jake Collins and the familiar enemies-to-lovers trope, Ellen's journey unfolds predictably yet manages to weave an engaging narrative that resonates with the season’s essence.

In conclusion, while these movies might not secure critical acclaim, their ability to entertain lies in their unabashed embrace of holiday clichés. Despite their shortcomings, they offer a unique viewing experience, serving as a testament to the diversity of Christmas-themed films available. Embrace the 'bad' with an open heart this holiday season and discover the peculiar joy hidden within these cinematic gems.

Remember, the true spirit of the season lies not just in the polished classics but also in the unassuming charm of the 'bad' Christmas movies that manage to capture our attention and, in their own way, warm our hearts.


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